Instructables for Digi-Day with NE Youth

NE Youth are a leading youth development charity supporting young people and youth organisations in the North East of England. In 2018, Northumbria University teamed up with them to run a hackathon in the summer holidays.

The event hosted 15 young children aged between 8 and 15 years who turned up to create 1 of 13 Play Bits – specially chosen configurations of IoT devices that allowed the young people to learn how to program, but importantly get outside and play.

On the day we invited sixteen young people from the local community into the new CIS building at Northumbria University. We had placed banners of 13 different designs around our large teaching laboratory. Our visitors were encouraged to walk around the room and create these designs in a number of different and exciting activities geared around outdoor play.

The photos below and link below displays the different designs that you can make with your own BBC micro:bit.

You can download the full teaching materials for the workshop day from this link.