Materials from our Play Workshops

We have been working on materials for our first playing out workshops.  The poster-sized map has been designed to suggest it can be drawn on/coloured in, and plenty of white space has been left surrounding the map.  It is hoped that participants will draw and write on the map as a response to questions about playing in the surrounding area.  The A5 cards will be used to focus on something in the area the kids play at, they will be asked to draw a symbol or picture representing this.  Once they have done this, the coloured cardholders can then be used to put the card in that specific location.  The cardholders have been designed to inspire them to think about the many places they might put them.  They can, for example, be put in the ground, hung up in trees and attached to fences.

The cardholders have been made into an Instructable along with the relevant files (this requires access to a laser cutter).