Introductory Workshops at Cedarwood Trust

The introductory workshops were an oppurtunity to work with the Cedarwood Trust team and try out digital technologies for the first time.

The workshops involved children from ages 5-12 and were delivered across the summer holiday. To fit in with the way Cedarwood Trust organise their days these workshops ran from 10am until 3pm in the afternoon. They were organised around excited themes.

Plant and Grow

Children worked in pairs to decorate their plant pot and put a plant in the pot. Then, the children were introduced to the concept of electric circuit. They were to complete a soft circuit with copper tape and used their plant pot as a switch to turn on LEDs. 


In this session, children chose a bug from a laser cut
‘bug pool’ and personalised it with painting. LEDs were prepared for children to add to their bugs . Then, children were asked to audio record something about their bugs. In the end, the children designed a habitat for their bugs.

Water and Gas
In the water and gas theme, each child created an origami windmill that could be controlled with different electronic circuits.


The free-play sessions was intended as a free non-structured session in which children would explore and create with materials known to them and in relation to the topics covered the previous weeks: plants, bugs, water/gas, and food. Children had the option to stay outdoors and play with assorted 3D craft materials; move indoors for
painting activities and making with SAM STEAM kit.

Children were able to take their creations both wearing them on their person, and also place their sensors in the environment.

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